Installation and repairs.

Freeview is a digital television service which is received through your standard aerial. Depending on which Transmitter services your area will reflect on the amount of services or channels you can receive. For this you do require a digital aerial, and any additional TV points throughout a property must be distributed evenly with screened digital equipment.


Throughout the Highlands, we have 4 main TV transmitters, Rosmarkie, Rumster Forrest, Rothes and Eitshal (Lewis). Individually they transmit the full service for Freeview. Unfortunately these transmitters do not service 100% of the Highlands directly, therefore most village's depend on relay transmitters. relay transmitters only transmit the main public services, along with a limited amount of HD services.

To check if work is being done on your local transmitter check:


Installation and repairs, Freesat is similar to Freeview in that it is not a subscription service. However you receive your signal via a Satellite dish. This service should give you a lot more services and channels, up to around 170. HD services can also be available, along with a plus function (the ability to record one channel, while watching another). The standard package can be supplied and installed for around £190.00. (Without the receiver)

Email or call for further info.


Satellite TV is hugely varied, and can provide services for all languages. I can provide and install the antenna rig and dish for whichever you require. Please note, while most websites recommend a dish size, throughout the highlands we must install a dish 20" larger than the recommended size.



Why install your TV onto the wall?

There are so many reasons to install your TV onto the wall, freeing up space in a room, keeping the TV out of reach of children, etc. however a wall mounted TV makes a good statement in any room.

I aim to make your installation as hassle free as possible, and that’s why in most cases i offer a free site survey to speak about the installation you require. I can provide everything, from the TV bracket to the leads you'll need.


Need another TV point in your property? this can be done by C & M Aerials. Prices do vary for this, and we do provide a free survey to take away any confusion with pricing and cabling. (Survey is only free if the appointment is arranged at a time we are in your area). So whether it’s a TV point for Freeview, Freesat or a magic eye link from your sky box, please contact through email, mobile phone, text, or you can find me on Facebook.

SMATV/IRS Satellite Master Antenna Television / Intregated Reception System.

This is the TV system used in multi-property buildings, blocks of flats, hotels, etc. I have qualified through the CAI to install, maintain and repair these systems, to the standard required.


CCTV is a vital tool to help protect your home or business premises from vandalism, burglary, arson or theft. At C & M Aerials, we can recommend, design and install a bespoke home or commercial CCTV system for the exact security needs of your property, from as little as £699.00

From the moment a security camera is installed on a property, it becomes a significantly less attractive target for criminals; CCTV can deter serious crimes from affecting your premises.

Why is security check so important for businesses?

It is important to understand that security is a must for businesses these days. Business owners use security cameras to keep an eye on the daily activities that take place within the premises and in surrounding areas. Also, all employees, visitors, and customers are kept under keen observation. Security CCTV cameras have actually made life multiple times easier for all business owners. This is the most vigilant and conscious way of keeping an eye on all activities to ensure security for your business. CCTV cameras are actually a very intelligent use of technology that ensures that all business run smoothly without any hassle.


Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by American aerospace company SpaceX, providing fast broadband coverage to over 60 countries. It also aims for global mobile phone service after 2023.

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