Wall mounting TV




Why install your Tv onto the wall?

There are so many reasons to install your TV onto the wall, freeing up space in a room, keeping the TV out of reach of children, etc however a wall mounted TV makes a good statement in any room.

I aim to make your installation as hastle free as possible, and thats why in most cases i offer a free site survey to speak about the installation you require. I can provide everything, from the TV bracket to the leads you'll need.



i want to put my TV on the wall, but can it be installed on a plasterboard wall?

Yes this is possible. behind all plasterboard is stud work. fixing the bracket to this stud work will privide enough support for your tv, and we can supply the right fixings for this.

Can you hide all the cabling?

Hiding the cable is depandant on the wall its being mounted to. at all times hiding the cable is my first priority, however this is not always possible. i can provide a free survey to discuss what is possible.

I want to put my tv about the fire place but i've being adviced this is hazerdous for the tv, can this be achieved?

The reason you may be adviced of this is the fact the heat of a fire can react with the screen of your tv, depending on what screen you have. Flatscreen tv's are common in every household now, but vary between plasma, LCD, and LED screens.

If your fire is has a working chimney (open fire with coal, logs etc) then unfortunatly id be advising the same, however if the fireplace you have has shelving, or a surround then this would mask the heat in most cases, and would be achievable.

Are you able to put an electric socket behind the tv?

Unfortunaty this is something i'm unable to help with. but if you have a look at the contacts page, i have tradesmen i highly recommend that can provide these services.


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