Smart Freesat HD supplied and installed with dish, LNB cabling etc from £280.00

Smart Freesat Plus HD, You can record hours of your favourite telly (from 500 - 1,000 with the 1TB box), and with fantastic features like Netflix, you’ve got a huge range of TV at your fingertips. supplied and installed from £430.00

Both boxes include players such as the BBC Iplayer, ITV Player, CH4player and CH5Player.


Installation and repairs, Freesat is similar to Freeview in that it is not a subscription service. However you recieve your signal via a Satellite dish.This service should give you a lot more services and channels, up to around 170. HD services can also be available, along with a plus function (the ability to record one channel, while watching another). The standard package can be supplied and installed for around £150.00. Email or call for further info.


Satellite tv is hugley varied, and can provide services for all languages. i can provide and install the antenna rigg and dish for whichever you require. please note, while most websites recommend a dish size, throughout the highlands we must install a dish 20" larger than the recommended size.



Can I get Freeview through my Sky dish?

FREEVIEW will only work through an aerial but FREESAT works via a Sky dish. Not too many TVs have this built in (although some do) so the chances are you will have to purchase a Freesat Box but they are readily available and not too expensive. Just like with Freeview, there are no monthly/annual fees, you simply plug it in, set it up and play

Sky have been out and told me that they are not allowed to put up my dish due to their regulations. Can you help?

This is a very common job. We supply and fit many Sky dishes that their technicians are unable to do. They have very strict rules, it may be too high, awkward to get to, requires putting on a chimney, etc. If you have just been told this by your Sky fitter, then contact us and we will finish the job and set up your Sky box for you. However we are not sky engineers and additional costs will occour for this service, to that of what you pay sky.

Do you offer a repair service?

We do. If a part of your aerial or dish has gone faulty and doesn't require a whole new upgrade, we will always try to repair it first. Things such as cuts in a cable, faulty connections, failing LNBs on dishes and many more jobs can all repaired or replaced without the need of putting everything up new. We do not repair faulty Sky boxes and if your TV is found to be at fault

I don’t like seeing cables, can they be hidden?

Neither do we. If we have to install cables externally, we will find the most discrete route. We will match the cable colour to the surface it is being installed on, and where possible we will hide the cable completely behind drain pipes, gutters etc.


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