Need another tv point in your property? this can be done by C & M Aerials. Prices do vary for this, and we do provide a free survey to take away any confusion with pricing and cabling. (Survey is only free if the appointment is arranged at a time we are in your area). So whether its a tv point for Freeview, Freesat or a magic eye link from your sky box, please contact through email, mobile phone, text, or you can find me on Facebook.


Satellite Master Antenna Television / Intregated Reception System.

This is the tv system used in multi-property buildings, blocks of flats, hotels, etc. I have qualified through the CAI to install, maintain and repair these systems, to the standard required.



Can I have more than one lead coming from my aerial or satellite dish?

Yes. Your TV aerial or Sky connection can be installed in multiple rooms with necessary cabling. You may want to have a TV in the kitchen, children's playroom or bedrooms. As previously mentioned, an amplifier may be required to ensure that picture quality is of a sufficient standard.

I'm currently building a new hows, can you advise on the cable layout?

Perfect. this is something that is forgotten about while building. on average every person spends around 3-4 hours of there day veiwing a television, but dont consider this when building.

i can certainly advice on what is best. email me with your plans etc and ill return your queiry as soon as i can.

Can i watch my sky in my bedroom?

Yes, there is 2 methods for this. multiroome - where you would need to purchase an additional sky box with subscription or the 2nd option is a magic eye link. this allows you to watch your existing sky box and control the channel hopping from the bedroom.

Can i have tv points in my bedrooms from my existing aerial for BT tv or Freeview?

The most important part of your digital tv is the signal from the initial aerial. So long as your signal is within the correct signal levels, then adition points can be run from this. In 95% of cases this is not a problem. However prices do vary hugley depending on which distribution is required. please contact to arrange a site survay.


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