Throughout the Highlands, we have 4 main tv transmitters, Rosmarkie, Rumster Forrest, Rothes and Eitshal (lewis). Individually they transmit the full service for freeview. Unfortunatley these transmtters do not service 100% of the Highlands directly, and most villages depend on relay transmitters. relay transmitters only transmit the main public services, along with a couple HD services.

To check if work is being done on your local transmitter check:


Installation and repairs. Freeview is digital television which is received through your standard aerial. Depending on which Transmitter services in your area, will reflect on the amount of services or channels you can receive. For this you do require a digital aerial, and any additional tv points throughout a property must be distributed evenly with screened digital equipment.



NOV 2016, My pictures, all of a sudden started pixallation (breaking up). There has been no winds or anything out of the norm that i can see to cause this.

  There is no surprise with the timing of this, 4G was powered up throughout the Inverness and Ross-shire area and unfortunatly has caused interferance with various amplifiers and aerials, this will require signals levels been adjusted or equipment replaced with those of 4G and tettra filtered, this seems to be worse where a transmitter is in the path of your signal, BT exchange, Mobile Masts etc.

Having accepted that I need to upgrade my aerial to receive Freeview how much is this likely to cost?

There are many factors to consider when installing an aerial.

  -Wall or chimney mounting, is there an overhang on either? this will determine the size and type of bracketry.

  -How high does the mast need to be to 'clear all obstructions'? sizes vary between 3ft and 20ft.

  -What level of signal is available at your location? this will help determine the size and type of aerial required.

  -Does the aerial need a Masthead Amplifier? this will be dependant on the incoming signal levels.

There are probably 30 - 40 different combinations and therefore 30 - 40 different prices. Biggest is not always best.

Please could you advise me on how I can check to see if my current aerial will work with Freeview or do I need to replace it?

Without putting test equipment on the end of your aerial lead there is no way of knowing if your particular aerial will receive all the digital multiplexes, no matter how 'new' your aerial looks.

Why can't I get all Freeview channels?

Most of the country receives Freeview from main transmitters whichbroadcast the full 130-ish TV channels. Some areas can only receive relay transmitters which broadcast just 34 channels, including Freeview HD.

Can the aerial go in the loft instead?

Obviously an aerial outside, high on a mast is going to pick up the best signals but providing the signal is strong in your area, it should not be a problem to set an aerial up in your loft (assuming there is reasonable access)

Will my TV Reception suffer from 4G Interference?

Britain already has one 4G network, EE, which is available in 27 towns and cities. In its current form, however, it does not have an impact on television signals. This is because it operates in the 1,800MHz spectrum band, comfortably clear of the 700MHz band occupied by Freeview.

      UPDATE. 4G has been interfering with various tv signals throughout the Inverness and Ross-shire area

Do i need a new aerial for BT TV?

BT, EE, Talk Talk, Virgin, etc all provide varied online channels which are pacific to their company, however to view live tv channels you will require a freeview aerial for this.


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